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Here is your fearless leader once again.

I have come to the conclusion that I have been very neglectant of my child, this wonderful community, who will probably grow up with a complex because of my mal treatment of it. Anyway. That Haiku contest? Well I have come up with winners and I can't remember what I said I would give them but...uh...theres not much you can give online. Lets just give you the wonderful satisfaction of winning, shall we?

Well there was a tie (we only had four entries...) so I gave a first and second prize.

First prize goes to...morbidxlovesong with this haiku,

insane inside her
wild mind, she laughs and cries.
she holds all thats left.

I thought it was beautiful. Bravo!

Second place goes to l_c_and_s for her poem,

chasing my orange haired
beautiful muse who said she
would never forget

She has since changed her screen name ( i don't have permission to disclose it though ) so thats why it isn't linked. She also dyed her hair blue!! Which is awesome. That's why...the text is blue. Coz I am just that clever.

Thank you all who contributed! I will have something else come up soon! Any questions, comments, concerns? You know where to reach me. You can also email me at IdaSansom@yahoo.com. Or yahoo message me at SnappleSample.

Eternally yours, Ida Face
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