Fucked Up Girl. (sweet_as_poison) wrote in tangerine_skies,
Fucked Up Girl.

Im sorry to sound stupid--but I've watched Eternal Sunshine at least 7 times which is very little--and all the extras on the DVD
and I still cant figure out where the scene is where clem is in her turqouis bra and they're snuggling and kissing?
I know it shows ONE flash of it in the very end when hes remembering but its not the one where they're about to kiss
The one in my icon is one of the scenes im talking about

Where is it???
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seven times is little? i've watched it thrice. which is sad. coz i don't have it. *snif*
but no. i don't know im sorry.
I'm trying to find that out, too!!!! Grr.
it's at the part where joel like slits his throat and is laying on the floor and clem walks in wearing the turqouis bra putting on a shirt and says the whole "i should've left you at the flee market" part
Actually, it's a deleted scene.

It takes place during the day, where we're both laying on the couch reading a book. That's the day I fell in love with Clem.

Also, it led to a deleted sex scene. Well, it was sort of a sex scene. Eh, you get the point.